Hey fantasy lovers! Another movie tournament came to an end. Fantasy from the 2000’s is a special period with a lot of classics. If you were a kid or teen in these days and didn’t get into fantasy movies you probably never will. Anyway… let’s check the tournament report.

Round 1 and 2 highlights

Pan’s Labyrinth movie poster

There were so few close matches that it is difficult to feature one or two only. Well, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring obliterated Big Fish in a way it never happened in this tournaments. The latter received no votes. The most competitive versus was, surprisingly, between King Kong and Star Wars III. We didn’t see the giant ape winning that one.

Round 2 was easy for LOTR and the first Harry Potter. King Kong wasn’t so lucky and Pan’s Labyrinth, an absolute fantasy classic, also didn’t go through.

The Semi Finals

Personally, I’d probably changed one or two of the movies which reached the semi finals. But you are the voter and I think they aren’t bad choices either. Lord of the Rings had a rather difficult battle against Spirited Away. In fact, this was the closest win of the tournament (52% X 48%). On the other side, the first adventures of the boy who lived saw no adversary in Avatar, which got only 6% of the votes. The final was set.

The Final

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Your choices led to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring versus Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as we anticipated in QAD40 podcast episode (portuguese only). However, the favorite LOTR didn’t win. Here at The Mother Owl we love them both, and once the four movies which reached the semi finals will go to the last tournament, we are not upset.

We’ll not contextualize any of them, as we usually do, because they need no explanation nor introduction. We also want to leave here a note of “like whatever you want and let others do the same”, once we got some comments on Facebook from people who judged other’s choices.

Check the full results bellow and tell us what would you chose differently. Personally, I can say I’d definitely have chosen Monsters INC over Shrek, but also picked Pan’s Labyrinth over Spirited Away.

T1 2000’s Fantasy Movies full results

We are not certain if we will make a new tournament in april once we want to start doing thematic months, and to produce content around it. To keep up to date with that and other stuff about The Mother Owl follow us on our social media and join the discussions in our Facebook group or Discord server:

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