And the winner is…

After 90’s Horror we went to 2000’s Sci-Fi. With some famous movies on the table, we can’t say we aren’t surprised with the winner. But hey, congrats Wall-E! This tournament had more than double of the votes (1514) than the previous one. Our little robot didn’t fool around and defeated famous and fan favorite movies in its path to victory. First, it won against War of the Worlds. We thought it wouldn’t go through in Round 2 against Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and it barely did with a 52% vs 48% result. Matrix Reloaded didn’t endure at the semifinal, and Avatar got the same fate in the end. Check the full results:

While Wall-E goes directly to our big 2000’s Sci-Fi Movie Tournament, Avatar, The Matrix Reloaded and A.I. Artificial Intelligence qualified to the eliminatories. Find more about these tournaments here. But tell us, in which versus would you have voted differently? Thank you for participating and, if you are not, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, where all this happens… In the meanwhile, here are some curiosities about this one.


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