We’re back from vacation and ready to create new content for your 2021. Welcome back if you are a regular. So, another movie tournament came to an end. This one had movies from the 2010’s from the scifi genre. If you don’t know how these tournaments work click here. Let’s see what you have chosen to go forward in our SciFi 2010’s big tournament.

Round 1 and 2 highlights


I would say I only got surprised with two round 1 matchs’ outcome. The first was the victory of Looper over The Martian. The other was Mad Max losing to Blade Runner 2049. Personally I would let The Martian win…oh, and 10 Cloverfield Lane over Rogue One. Probably an unpopular opinion.

Well, both Looper and Rogue One would lose in round 2. The first by a lot. Although Arrival was a favorite of mine, I didn’t expect it to win over Rogue One.

The Semi Finals


Both of my favorites to reach the final got to the semi finals. And then you guys crushed them. Arrival managed somehow to go through round 2 but ended up loosing to Ready Player One. It could have been worse.

Inception lost to Interstellar. By a lot… At least in this case I really like the other one.  

The Final

Your choices led to Ready Player One versus Interstellar. One is a Spielberg’s formula type of movie. Based on a book story where virtual reality is a thing and and pop cultura references are all over you. The other is about the need of finding a new planet to live, once life on Earth has become unsustainable. You decided this deserved to win the first 2010’s SciFi Movies Tournament, and its now qualified for the final one.

Here you have the final results… My personal final would be between Arrival and Inception, where the first would win. Would you also vote differently?

2010’s Sci-Fi Movies Tournament 1 results

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