1 – The plot

Pirate King | Gainax Production

You will have difficulty finding such a surreal, original and exciting storyline in the last two decades. An audacious, partial and questionable statement, I know, but notice: An intergalactic corporation that “flattens” planets, and almost dominates the universe, manages to surround a cosmic entity with unparalleled powers, that “flees” carrying its “consciousness” and power to the mind of a 12 year old boy on Earth, giving him unimaginable powers of materialization, creation and others. And this is a veeeeery summarized the plot!

2 – Soundtrack

Something super nice and quite addictive in this series is the music. From the opening to the battle songs or to the final credits, it is difficult not to hum. Most of the songs belong to The Pillows, a Japanese alternative rock band born in 1989 and still active. It is guaranteed that they will be singing “Ride on Shooting Star”!!!

3 – That addictive melancholy

Naota e Mamimi | Gainax

There is something addictive about Naota’s depression and Mamimi’s apathetic philosophy that speaks to us. The desolation, revolt and dualism of the main characters, not to mention the madness of Haruko of course, which ties us to the series. The characters development will divide viewers and fans, but that is part of the FLCL.


4 – The comedy

Yes, the comedy. And yes, I know I just mentioned depression in the previous point. Despite having a concept of action, science fiction and surrealism, the FLCL has a comic sphere that helped the original OVAS to be nominated for Best Comic Series at the American Anime Awards festival. The melancholy and existential crises of the characters end up being translated into fun moments.


5 – Haruko Haruhara

Haruko | Gainax

I will not lie, watchung FLCL as a teenager is to suffer a crush for Haruko. Despite of her lighting fast mood swings and her “dont give a F**K attitude”, she manages to be quite persuasive and charming. Not to mention that she is one of the strongest and most aggressive characters in the anime. I know teens now have Harley Quinn, but in 2000, FLCL fans were surrendered to this extraterrestrial.


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