Injustice is a fighting game series based on DC characters.¬†Injustice: Gods Among Us was released in 2013, and Injustice 2¬†saw the light of day in 2017. Both were well received by reviewers and the public. So, all indicates we’re going to get the announcement for the third one at DC Fandome event, later this month. We listed all the confirmed names by project here, and we can easily spot those who are related with video games. Plus, the first Injustice game was free on Steam, which also indicates something, right?

So, basically, we’re going to try to guess the game roster now. We’ll also try to predict which will be available at launch, and which may come as DLC. We won’t throw different versions of characters and/or skins in here, but you know they’ll be there. Judging by the roster size of the other games, Injustice¬†3 should end up with 30 something base characters. By saying that it is obvious that the following 85 names are possibilities…Like a catalog you can choose from. Let the guessing game begin…

Note: Due to your participation, on social media and Reddit, this list has now more than 86 characters. We made also some changes based in your feedback. This is, by far, our most visited post. Thank you!

99.9% probable

The ones in this category have no reason not to be in the game. They are DC staples, they are in the previous two games, or they currently have movies, series or comics about them. The classics…

  1. Aquaman (base game)
  2. Bane (base game)
  3. Batman (base game)
  4. Black Adam (base game)
  5. Catwoman (base game)
  6. Cyborg (base game)
  7. Flash (base game)
  8. Green Arrow (base game)
  9. Green Lantern (base game)
  10. Harley Quinn (base game)
  11. Joker (base game)
  12. Superman (base game)
  13. Wonder Woman (base game)

80% – 90% probable

The following names missed the previous list for tiny reasons… (not being in both games, diminishing popularity or other small detail like that.). The majority of them appear in related shows, movies, games or comics in recent years. Still, these ones are also a must for most of the fans, and highly probable contenders to be in the game. Remember, the developers will probably want to have a bigger roster than the previous games, so we would be a bit surprised not to see these… even if they throw them just for fun.

14. Atom (base game)
15. Black Canary (base game)
16. Darkseid (base game)

17. Deathstroke (DLC?)
18. Poison Ivy (base game)
19. Nightwing (DLC?)

20. Robin (DLC?)
21. Supergirl (base game)
22. Shazam (DLC?)

60% – 70% probable

Here we have those names which appear in previous games and/or media. These create a bit less buzz than the previous ones, but may be included to simply increase the roster number or to fill the gap in order to use other bigger names as DLC. Again, some may be added just for fun.

23. Cheetah (base game)
24. Doomsday (DLC?)
25. Doctor Fate (base game)

26. Batgirl (DLC?)
27. Firestorm (base game)
28. Deadshot (DLC?)
29.Red Hood (base game)

30. Raven (base game)
31. Starfire (base game)
32. Zatanna (base game)
33. Zod (base game)

40% – 50% probable

Now we are in “maybe” territory. The following names are related to projects which will be presented at DC Fandome, and are not in any of the previous games… so it’s more difficult to predict, but it wouldn’t be a big surprised if they were featured in Injustice 3. Some of them were also cancelled characters in the second game, so maybe we get any of them this time…

34. Maxwell Lord (DLC?)
35. Ratcatcher (base game)
36. King Shark (base game)

37. Bizarro (DLC?)
38. Bluebird (base game)
39. Etrigan (DLC?)

40. Detective Chimp (base game)
41. Krypto (in some version of Superman?)
42.The Penguin (DLC for sure, right?)

43. Constantine (DLC?)
44. Batwoman (DLC?)
45. Lucifer (DLC?)

46. Scarecrow (base game)
47. Blue Beetle (base game)
48. Riddler (DLC?)

20% – 30% probable

The following are related with ongoing or recent shows/media, characters wanted by some fans, “leaks”, names which complete certain sequences of previous games or other less known names. Some of these aren’t super unlikely but others have little chance due to the lack of popularity, at least when compared to the ones we already listed. But hey… it can happen.

49. Doctor Thaddeus Sivana (base game)
50. Enchantress (base game)
51. The Huntress (base game)

52. Cassandra Cain (base game)
53. Black Mask (base game)
54. Black Lightning (DLC?)

55. Stargirl (DLC?)
56. Rorschach (DLC?)
57. Plastic Man (base game)

58. Killer Croc (DLC?)
59. Doctor Manhattan (DLC?)
60. Neo (definitely DLC)

61. Circe (base game)
62. Black Hand (base game)
63. Azrael (DLC?)

64. Beast Boy (base game)
65. Shao Kahn (DLC)
66. Reptile (DLC)

67. Polka-Dot Man (DLC?)
68. Lex Luthor (DLC?)
69. Peacemaker (base game)
70. Martian Manhunt (base game)

0% – 10% probable

Although we can see some characters returning, others seem highly improbable. Plus, there are all the DLC cameos of past games, which would be really surprising if they were back on the third installment. Once we strongly believe that none of the following will make it into the game, we didn’t guess if they would be “base characters” or “dlc”.

71. Ares
72. Hawkgirl
73. Killer Frost

74. Clock King
75. Lobo
76. Scorpion

77. Solomon Grundy
78. Sinestro
79. Atrocitus

80. Black Manta
81. King Tut
82. Brainiac

83. Captain Cold
84. Gorilla Grodd
85. Hellboy

86. Raiden
87. Sub-Zero
88. Swamp Thing
89. TMN Turtles
90. You or me...

Any suggestions to add, change or completely remove from this guessing game? There are so many names that we probably made some mistakes or miss someone obvious. Help us out and comment below or in our social media. Special thanks to the Reddit users: Korenlo, MrBruin54 and JLR – for the insightful information.

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