The idea to create the site The Mother Owl arose, above all, due to our interest in fantasy. I was 11 years old when I saw Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone against my will, back in 2001. The fantastic John Williams‘ score and Dumbledore scene were, instantly, enough to make me interested in the film. After a few years it can be said that I end up liking fantasy, what was a bit indifferent to me until that moment.

Podcast episode about Scream at QAD4 (portuguese only)

I am one of those who makes many plans and lists, but it takes time to put them into practice. When I brought the idea of ​​this project to Carla, I had already had time to imagine several things. Including the interest of approaching subjects other than fantasy. During my adolescence I watched many horror films. Although I don’t currently do so that much, I still like the occasional tension. Franchises like Scream have a special place on the shelf. The problem is that Carla was not a big fan of these films. Brainwashing her about that has already worked a little … So we agreed to reduce the proportion of horror topics and projects in relation to fantasy ones.

Finally, we both like science fiction enough to include it in The Mother Owl project. In fact, we were recently at the brazilian podcast Quarantena Antes dos 40, where we talked about The Matrix films. After choosing the genres to include on the site, we had to decide the space we were going to give them.

In practice

At the beginning we decided that the project was going to be 70% about fantasy, 20% science fiction and 10% horror. With flexibility. This distribution would reflect how big was our joint interest in each genre. But it has not been so.

The first obstacle about following this plan, which was never very strict, is the lack of time. We are a team of two people only. So, if we were to take the spare time we devoted to the site and divide it strictly into 70/20/10, any content about horror would take weeks to be published.

A new tournament each two months.

Another problem with this distribution is that we don’t always want to respect it. This project is not yet a job, so our willingness has to be high to produce content. Often, this will is also influenced by what is happening. It’s October, and this month’s Movie Tournament is about the 2000s horror. So, our heads are naturally more focused on that genre. Even Carla is thinking about starting a series of posts about horror stories in real life.

To confuse things further, it is good to remember that a movie, book or game easily has components of various genres. Superhero movies are a classic example.

In short, and because we are human and not machines, the presence of each kind of fiction will continue to be somewhat inconsistent. At least until we have more time or collaborators. Interested? But we’ll get it right little by little.

Next Wednesday we will talk about Youtube with a special guest. Until then… Hoo Hoo hoooooo

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