Hi all! We’re back.

If you follow us on our social media you already know why we needed a break from The Mother Owl. Shortly, we both had extra work. But now we are getting back to our routine. So… this post has two objectives. Letting you know what happened was the first.

Secondly, we want to tell you what we are working on. Short term of course… although we promise 2021 plans are good. By the way, this post has some announcements.

December remember

In december we will held the first 2010’s Sci Fi Movie Tournament. If you want to check the full tournament grid, learn how you can vote and all that… click here.

If you are reading this in english you probably don’t know portuguese. But if by any chance you do, let me remind you we are going to discuss the Lord of The Rings franchise at the Quarentena Antes dos 40 podcast.

Short term plans and announcements

We are going to start making reviews. Movies, series, books, games and related products. The next AOJ post will be about it, explaining how everything will work. At the same time, and for transparency, we will also apply for Amazon Affiliate program. If you don’t know what that is, is basically a way for us to share Amazon links in our site which, when you click and end up buying anything, we get a commission. This will help us to pay for site expenses and those things.

Another thing we want to tell you is that we are opening spaces where you can chat with us and our community about anything related to Fantasy, SciFi and Horror. So we opened a Facebook group called The Owl’s Nest. We also got a Discord channel with several chat rooms for those wanting a more direct way to talk about your favorite things. The first 30 members will get the “Early Bird” role, which will grant you future benefits.

Until next time… Hoo Hoo hoooooo

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