The Mother Owl was created to become a hub for everyone who loves fantasy, sci-fi or horror. No matter if you like playing games, reading books or watching movies. We want to create a space for you to be entertained and educated about those topics.

But maybe you are not only a consumer… We are now 100% welcoming your ideas, project, art or content! This project has a site, social media and this blog, but we obviously want to expand. Do you want to become part of the TMO Community? We can obviously collab with you without establishing a partnership. But here are the reasons why you would want to:

  1. Access to our network. Being part of this community means we will act as a bridge between you and our other partners. We have some cool personal and professional connects as well.
  2. Access to our TMO Blogs. For those wanting a space to share their point of view about any topic related to one of our blogs (we just have AOJ for now, but more are coming).
  3. Interview and promotion. We will ask you if you want to do an interview with us about your project, career, art, etc. We’ll treat you as true partners so, if you launch a new merchandise, book, made a really cool piece of content or whatever we think it’s interesting, you’ll get featured in our site and social media.

(These perks may change in the future.)

So, if this is you, and you have an idea for a collaboration or partnership, please contact us! We can make some kind of continuous Partnership or you can become a TMO Partner and collab whenever you want. For now both get all the perks we listed above.

Let’s talk? Hoo Hoo hoooooo.

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