Sometimes we may think motivation and inspiration work in a similar way. It will come to us if we align things out, and it will guide us through the task we have hereafter. What if I told you motivation is more programmable than it looks? Many are the factors influencing it and certain triggers won’t work with all of us. Of course talking about all that would make this post a book. But since no one has time for that, let’s address when focus and planning were important to wake our motivation up.

Did you forget who you are?

The idea for this post has two origins. The first one came from the fact that here, at The Mother Owl, we’ve already had our days of demotivation. Even without counting the still undisclosed plans we have for this project (uh, mystery), it is ambitious and demanding enough for two people who have other occupations. The beginning is always abundant in willingness. But the new gets old faster than we think.

The other premise of the post is that question “Did you forget who you are?”, which I randomly saw in a music video. It appeared to me at a time when I was going through the self-analysis stage about the sudden demotivation. Yeah, I’m one of those who project the problem on themselves. Though it is not always the case. The question got me thinking about something that led me to a partial resolution of this episode.

Planing not to run over

Projects with macro goals will always have a need for refocusing. In our case, we decided that quick news would be an easy way to put content on the website. That way we could give it some volume in order to make the space look inhabited. But how can two people produce news content about fantasy, science fiction and horror? It didn’t work. We quickly got the feeling that writing for the site was an obligation. At the same time we knew we couldn’t compete with any other news site, and we wouldn’t have time to produce the things we really want. We ran over ourselves. We forgot our initial objective.

The first action to take is to stop. In frustration you will never find yourself. Have you ever heard that “time heals”? We almost didn’t post in the second week of September. One of us literally went on vacation, and the other did everything but to look at the site. Later, with the less in our minds we talked. Time to plan again.

Maybe you’ve already felt the need to follow an initial plan, even if it doesn’t seem to work. As if changing the course of things was taking the purpose away from the original idea that led you to start the project. Insisting on what clearly doesn’t work could be the right seasoning for stagnation and frustration. And stagnating is worse than running anything over. How will you know if you’re doing right or wrong if you’re actually not doing anything?

A plan works until you have to make a new one. Your motivation will be at a satisfying level while the plan makes sense. Knowing how to identify the moment screaming for change depends on you. Self-analysis always helps. And, of course, these things leave a trail. Want to postpone a task more than once… Bad mood even when you’re with the ones you love… A feeling that it’s not worth betting on an idea that until now seemed irresistible… Under performing… Miss deadlines… the list goes on.

On the other hand, it will be problematic if you need to change your plans regularly. It probably happens due to lack of self-awareness or a unclear idea of ​​the project’s objectives. If your path is just starting, like us, it may take a while to understand exactly where you are going. But relax … everything will be fine.

In the same situation as us?

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