I think this is both a blog post and an announcement. This space is destined for us to talk about any and everything related to the process of running The Mother Owl… so yeah, we’re gonna talk about it. Basically, we’ll start to do reviews with you. I’ll explain the how after the why.

Why reviews?

We are not becoming a review’s site by any means. We will continue to write about fantasy, sci-fi and horror, to organize the movie tournaments, and to post here on our blog about the whole experience. The thing is… we want to expand our content. Once we’re a very small team of two doing everything, reviews are an organic thing for our workflow I think. I mean, we still watch series and movies, read books and play games almost everyday. Besides that reviews are a great way to talk even more about the genres we love, and to create something useful to others.

What we will be reviewing

All our reviews will be about something within the fantasy, sci-fi or horror genres. At the very least it should have some aspect from those genres. Although the idea is to focus on movies, series, books and games, we may even review related products.

Don’t expect us to compete with big sites on how quick they release an analysis about the latest blockbuster. We are just two, remember? But, with time, we want to make this a relevant part of The Mother Owl. Want to help us out with that?

How will it work?

We agreed to make a “pros vs cons” kind of text. All of them will have a spoiler-free introduction and a score at the end. For more info about the score system click here.

Besides those standard reviews, we will introduce the TMO Reviews. What’s that?, you ask. Shortly, the reviewer will discuss about what’s being analyzed with others. A friend, a fan, a septic, or you. Yes, you. We will open the discussion of every TMO Review in our Discord and Facebook group. You can comment there or send us a message through other social media and be part of our “shared review”.

We have other ideas for other types of reviews, but we don’t want to rush things for now.

That’s that… see you around. Until then, Hoo Hoo hoooooo

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