Maybe it’s your first time here, so let me tell you about these tournaments. Yes, they are common in some Facebook pages, but we wanted to do our long version of it. Basically we pick a genre (fantasy, scifi or horror) and a decade. Let’s say, 2000’s fantasy. Then we do a semi random pre-selection based on popularity and/or critic scores. Our friends Fabio and Ricardo, from the brazilian Quarantine Before 40 podcast, decide which movies enter in the tournament. Then, in our Facebook, we make 3 voting rounds until you decide who wins. Each winner goes to the final tournament of its genre and decade (which it will probably happen within a year or two). The other 3 movies which got to the semifinals get one last chance in the eliminatories. So that’s what we are doing with these tournaments. But why do we do it?

The reasons

First reason – because I want! haha I wanted to say “just kidding” but I’d be lying. Since I was little I would make tournaments about any and everything. I remember creating races with toy cars, dividing the track with something and using dice to move them through it. When I was around 12…and that’s 18 years ago, I’d gather with two cousins to organize beyblade tournaments. Remember those spin tops? I remember the time we bet a beyblade and I won, but my cousin end up not giving me his “dragoon“. As you can see, making tournaments is pretty normal to me. I even used to make the computer play against itself in a Naruto Mugen game, while I decided the tournament lineup. Oh well…

Second reason is…there is no second reason. Now I can say it, just kidding! By doing this long tournaments we can feature and talk about a lot of movies that, usually, aren’t in other tournaments. Maybe you’re like me and like a somewhat obscure film. One that few people talk about so, you never see it anywhere.

So that’s more or less it. We want to talk about all these movies and make a comprehensive tournament to crown the best of them all! Last month we did 2010’s Fantasy, and in october we’re doing 2000’s Horror. Stay tuned and Hoo Hoo hoooooo.

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