The “Clubs” functionality just arrived to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the mobile game. For what we can see, no one is super surprised but, at the same time, no one seems to dislike it. First, what are the Clubs?

Basically, you choose one Club according with the topics you like the most. Later you’ll be able to be a member of all of them, but you need to start with one. There will be a new location with the chosen clubhouse and specific rewards to unlock. Different Clubs mean different clubhouses. The uninspired “bubble-tapping mechanism” of the game also changed with this update, once some of them will give the player specific experience related to the Clubs. Better than just tapping to complete tasks, right? The Clubs:

Hippogriff for all animal lovers and care takers: Experience from Potions, Herbology, Divinations and Care of Magical Creatures.
Dragon for the brave and adventurous: Experience from Flying, Defense Against Dark Arts, Dueling and Quidditch.
Sphinx for those who seek wisdom: Experience from Charms, Transfiguration, History of Magic and Astronomy.

Clubs’s Ranking System

Is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery getting good?

Not saying it doesn’t have its fans, but this wasn’t the game most were hoping for when it was launched. In fact, until this day, both HP fans and muggle gamers couldn’t enjoy a great Harry Potter game. Yes, the old gameboy RPGs and even other entries on consoles and PC are decent, but none was really great. And the frustration comes from the fact that the Wizarding World has an enormous potential for gaming. Maybe we will make a list of what WB could do about it in august. Ah, and don’t forget it… people are still waiting for that leaked game to be officially announced. Moving on…

Despite of the “live you hogwarts history” not-quite-fulfilled-promise, Hogwarts Mystery is doing something here. Portkey Games are still adding new mechanics, events and side quests for this game. This perseverance already improved the game from its original version, but can it be considered a good HP mobile game? Leave a comment or join the discussion on our social media:



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