I’m not ready

After the Hobbits we’ve got a Marvel superhero versus. It’s Doctor Strange from Kamar-Taj against Captain Marvel from planet Hala. Will Strange predict the outcome, or will Vers remember where she came from and win this thing?


Doctor Strange introduced us to Doctor Stephen in 2016 and did well at the box office, grossing more than 677 million worldwide. With an interesting plot and good acting from Benedict Cumberbatch, critics consensus is around 8/10. This is a relevant origins story due to Strange’s importance in the Avengers scenario.

Captain Marvel / Disney

But we could argue the same thing about Captain Marvel, right? A bit more recent (2019), this movie was also appraised for giving space to women in the superhero genre. It’s average rating is a bit lower, around 7, but it did way better at the box office (1.128 bi – remember the discussions about this number being fake?).

You’ve until august 9th to vote. Who will defend the MU in round 2?


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