The phrase “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone can pass $1 billion in box office premiere” raises many doubts about the year we’re in, but it’s still 2020. In China, theaters have reopened and the premieres of new films (the few that exist) are being interspersed with older film premieres.

Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

This is the case of the Harry Potter film set to premiere for the first time in 3D. The film earned $ 977 million in global revenue so far. The expected box office is now $ 15 million over premiere weekend and $ 25 million in total. If confirmed, these numbers can lead the Philosopher’s Stone to exceed the $1 bi mark thanks to a re-release, something only achieved by Phantom Menace in 2012 and Jurassic Park in 2013.

So far, only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 2 has overcome the flagship mark. It was also the first of the franchise to be released in 3D.

China Box Office‘s Twitter account has confirmed its expectations.

Who’s ready to go to the movies like it’s 2001?


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