Hermione Granger is one of our favorite characters ever and today is her birthday!

Her knowledge of absolutely everything is only surpassed by her kindness to humans and creatures alike. Her heart bleeds for the welfare of elves but also for the rough-looking orange cat that nobody else wants to adopt. And, of course, she falls for the sidekick with little emotional intelligence.

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There’s an argument to be made about her being crucial to the whole series even existing. Without her, Harry Potter might have gone down in history as “The Boy Who Lived… Until 11 years old”. Granger’s wits and quick thinking got them through a lot of pickles over the years and ultimately Potter was able to survive until the final show down with Voldemort.

Here are just three of our favorite Hermione Granger moments.

Draco gets it good

Sure, her wand work is amazing, but have you seen what she can do with those fists? Draco Malfoy’s nose can fill you in with some details.

Assembling an Army

Dumbledore’s Army… Yeah, right!! Granger came up with the idea, invited the members, created a form of instant communication between them AND found the time to add a sneak alert to prevent snitches! But sure, name it after the guy, why not?

Ultimate sacrifice

When you have to go camping for a few months before facing the biggest threat the wizarding world has seen in ages, there’s two things you need. A tent. And a friend that’s gonna bring said tent in their tiny bag and is absolutely committed to the cause.
One of the most impressive scenes in Harry Potter happens when Hermione casts a memory charm on her own parents to make them forget her. She’s not only protecting their lives, but also their happiness. *I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING!!*

Do your favorite moments match ours? Let us know!


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