Hey all! This is going to be a fast announcement.

Basically we will stop posting every versus match of our Movie Tournaments. Everytime we do a new tournament we make:

  • 1 post of the movie draw
  • 15 posts about the matches (8 in round one, 4 in round two, 2 in the semifinals and 1 in the final)
  • 4 posts about the results (round one, round two,…)

This represents a simple problem. Firstly, we notice that people only seem to be interested in the results, not reading about the individual matches. And secondly, we could be doing some progress in other projects and ideas we have for the site.

No, the tournaments will not stop. We love to make them, and your participation in the voting posts at our Facebook is increasing. Instead, we will just post the tournament’s announcement and round results. We prefer to make a review of half of those movies than meaningless posts. Adapting…adapting.

Until next time… Hoo Hoo hoooooo

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