Making of Harry Potter will be the new attraction of The Studio Tour Tokyo. The park will stretch over 300 thousand square feet to accommodate the Wizarding World expansion. This way, Japan will be the second place to have a tour like London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour. Yes, this isn’t going to be like the Wizarding World themed-parks. The idea is to be a place where you can explore the behind the scenes of the series.

So you can expect sets like the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest and Diagonally. Apparently, there will also be a section for Fantastic Beasts. Original props and costumes will also be featured.

Itochu Corporation is the responsible for the attraction but, sadly for the Japan-based muggles, and for those visiting the country, it’s only opening in 2023.

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Did you know Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was featured in the theaters again?


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