Professor Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration teacher and the Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts. Usually stern and rigorous, she’s very keen on following the rules. You’d expect this kind of teacher to be fed up with the trio by Halloween of their first year, but we’re about to show you why she’s simultaneously a true hero and a soft heart.

Gryffindor’s original brand of loyal

Minerva is the kind of character that leaves absolutely no doubt about her allegiance. She’s loyal to Dumbledore, to the Order of the Phoenix and, most of all, to Hogwarts. And she doesn’t care who knows it, especially those morons from the Ministry.

It never goes unnoticed that the Transfiguration teacher is permanently dead set on the well-being of everyone around her. She will stand for students, teachers and staff, the Headmaster and the walls of the school itself. When push comes to shove she’ll even let her hair down while rallying the troops to face a possibly deadly battle against evil forces.

The oddly affectionate professor

Her serious look would discourage you from trying to hug her in the halls after class. That’s fine, a lot of good people show their affection differently.

She offered Harry biscuits after he’d gotten in serious trouble with Umbridge. As we all know, free biscuits are code for love in any language.

She despises the class of Divination, but runs to comfort Sybill Trelawney when she’s being humiliated by Umbridge.
Also, speaking of the literal devil, any interaction between these two ends in the equivalent of a curb-stomp and it’s glorious.

Rules are great, but are they, tho?

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McGonagall abides by the rules always! Until she decides rules are for suckers and Quidditch is fundamental. Then, a broom is offered to the youngest seeker in 100 years.

We can all assume that little Minerva was an overachiever at school. It’s no wonder then why she puts in a good word with the Ministry to get Hermione a time-turner.

When Peeves and some mischievous students go to great lengths in order to make Umbridge’s reign into a living hell, she’s always there with a helpful tip.

Last and definitely not least, she’s played in the films by Dame Maggie Smith. *mike drop*

What are your favorite McGonagall moments?


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