Harry Potter was usually in great need of parental figures, but the Dursleys have never shown any interest in the role.

As a father figure, Harry had plenty to choose from. Sirius, Lupin and Dumbledore were just some of the men in this story that were happy to fill in and share stories about heroism and bravery.

But when it comes to making sure Harry is fed, has clean socks and gets a really good mom hug every now and then, Molly’s his girl.

Mrs Weasley is easily one of the most beloved witches in the world and she totally deserves it.

Here’s why!

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Always room for one more…

…even if it’s the Chosen One. Potter’s celebrity status was never something that interested Molly.
With not many resources and an army of kids to feed, she was always delighted to have Harry over on holidays just for the pleasure of it, no compensation needed.
It’s no secret that she came to regard him as another one of her sons and those scenes always bring a little tear to the fandom eyes.

Trying for the girl

After marrying her high school sweetheart and having only boys, Molly kept hoping for a girl at some point and ended up with seven kids. And it’s a good thing too, or else Harry might have ended up marrying Romilda Vane.

The Order of the Phoenix

The Weasleys are always all in with Dumbledore, whatever the plan is. If the wizarding world needs protecting, they’ll volunteer for anything. They’ll even bear seeing their own kids following in their footsteps. Molly’s two brothers lost their lives to the Death Eaters in the fist war. She’s not about to sit quietly while Voldemort is rising again.

And she’s got mean duelling skills! I’ll never forget reading the line “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” and thinking “Go get her, Mrs. Weasley!!” And she did, good riddance Bellatrix.

Let’s all raise our glasses to Molly Weasley, great warrior, even better mom.

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