Let’s just be honest… First, I’m a casual Magic The Gathering player. I’ve started playing around 2007 or so, and I do it always with friends and never participated in tournaments. So, if you are an intermediate/advance player you most likely will not find any crazy insight or undiscovered goblin card in this list. A big part of my selection here is also based on aesthetics. Secondly, by “our favorite Goblin cards in Magic The Gathering” I mean “my favorite”. I’m the only wizard here at The Mother Owl.

Honorable mentions

I wanted to make a top 5 list, so I had to eliminate around six or seven cards. But I felt I needed to give honorable mentions to some of them. Goblin Trashmaster is one of them.

Wizards of the Coast | Jakub Kasper

What I like about this card? Well… first, it’s name. Then, it doesn’t die to a lightning bolt. Oh wait, it does. I’d say his +1/+1 to other goblins is a pretty good buff, but the second one makes me think about this card as side deck. Another thing which prevents it to make it in my top 5 favorite goblin cards is its artwork. For me that’s a troll, not a goblin.

Wizards of the Coast | Kev Walker

Where to begin with that artwork by Kev Walker? It’s so literal that puts an immediate smile in my face when I stare at it. The gameplay aspect of it is not that hot. Yeah, one mana and sacrificing a goblin for 5 damage is an ok trade off, specially if you can sacrifice a token. The problem here is the “sorcery” speed.

5 – Murderous Redcap

Wizards of the Coast | Dave Allsop

This card isn’t super great to be honest. Yeah, you may get 3 damage and a creature which comes back after dying. But besides that it’s just a 2/2. I guess the double color cost helps a bit, but I’d be surprised if this was a good competitive card (can anybody more experienced help us with that?). I just really like this card due to its artwork, once it portraits the redcap goblin of the European folklore quite well. For me goblins live in caves so, that detail, alongside the poor eyesight, makes this a cool MTG card.

4 – Goblin Electromancer

Wizards of the Coast | Svetlin Velinov

I don’t think there is a lot to say about this one. I just think there isn’t anything wrong about it. Cool name, check. Also a “wizard”, check. Really nice ability, check. Not expensive, also check.

3 – Goblin War Strike

Wizards of the Coast | Pete Venters

From a gameplay standpoint this card only sin is the sorcery speed. After a good attack or mass cast of goblins with your themed deck, this can easily end the game. But that is not why I really like it. I didn’t even tried it before. I think this card represents the goblin tribe’s essence. Here you have portrayed the idea of how goblins live in communities. It also reminds me about the goblin strikes in the Harry Potter universe, a subject I’d like to be explored in the future in the Wizarding World franchise.

2 – Goblin Warchief

Wizards of the Coast | Tim Hildebrandt

I already see people saying, “Goblin Chieftain is better than this”. And you’re probably right. However, I tend to prefer lowering the summon cost of other cards. You can also combo this with Chieftain or even with the Goblin Trashmaster we just saw.

1 – Goblin Flectomancer

Wizards of the Coast | Matt Cavotta

You probably got one of the patters here… Yes, I like double colored cards. I normally start building decks after I select some cards I like from the collection. Remember, casual play only. I have fond memories of Goblin Flectomancer due to a deck I did which relied heavily on instant/sorcery damage and damage prevention. This one saved me constantly. Besides, it also is a wizard hahaha…

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