Pan VS Princess Kaguya – Fantasy Movies Tournament

Peter Pan faces Princess Kaguya, but it is not looking good for him. Who will advance in this Fantasy Movie Tournament? There is still time!


Will we grow? Yeah but nah!

Pan / Warner Bros.
Pan / Warner Bros.

Peter Pan comes from Neverland to fight in the 2010’s Fantasy Movie Tournament. As Pan, this prequel from 2015 is considered an alternative origin story. Although the legend of Peter Pan resonates nostalgically with a lot of people, the movie was poorly received by critics and public alike. Reviews are around 4 out of 10, while public ratings tend to be closer to 5 or 6. Coming 21 million short from its budget, this remake also didn’t do well at the box office.

Princess Kaguya / Studio Ghibli
Princess Kaguya / Studio Ghibli

On the other side we have The Tale of Princess Kaguya from 2013. This Studio Ghibli production is an animation based on a 10th century monogatari called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. If you are unaware of the plot, Kaguya is a celestial being who is banished to earth to experience a mortal life. How well she does it is for you to confirm. Both critics and the public liked this tale. It’s common to see 9 and even 10/10 ratings. The animation was one of the top-grossing japanese movies of 2014, but it didn’t make even at the box office, losing a similar amount to what Pan did.

You’ve until august 9th to vote. For now it’s not looking good for Peter Pan, but miracles can happen right?


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