There are endless reasons to appreciate Rubeus Hagrid. Ever since he showed up in a flying motorcycle to deliver the little bundle called Harry Potter to his aunt’s house, we knew he was special. He did not stop proving it repeatedly up until he carried Harry’s apparently dead body back to Hogwarts.

Hagrid’s finer moments are all of them, but here are some of our favourites.

Questionable pet choices

Dragons, three-headed dogs and giant spiders are just some of the creatures Hagrid found adorable. And, truth be told, they often got him in a lot of trouble. However, he always protected and nurtured them as much as possible, even if it meant cuddling a fire-breathing baby dragon in a wooden hut.


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Hagrid showed kindness to creatures and humans alike. He was very generous as well. He offered Harry his first birthday cake, with beautiful personalized frosting.

Also, a photo album put together with much love and affection, picturing his parents and some close relatives.


He instinctively trusted any being he met, although crossing him could have some nasty results. Just ask Dudley Dursley and his pig tail!
Dumbledore was the only wizard to see past young Hagrid’s appearance when he was only 13 and unfairly expelled from school. Albus offered him a job and kept quiet about the pink umbrella that concealed the pieces of Hagrid’s wand. The groundskeeper never ceased to try to repay that debt and was the most loyal protector of both Headmaster and School.

There are plenty other reasons to appreciate Hagrid, especially when he lets slip any secrets (“I shouldn’t have said that!!”).

What are your favourite Hagrid moments?


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