If you follow us on Facebook, you already know round 2 of the 2000’s Horror Movies Tournament is on. Now you will have 4 matches and 8 movies to choose from. Round one had some surprises in my opinion. Check the full results here and tell us if you’d vote differently.

Today I bring you Saw vs Cloverfield. Want to watch the trailer or know a bit more about them before voting? Click on the following links. Saw got a win over Triangle in the first round, while Cloverfield got through it after defeating 28 Days Later. If you already watch the movies, here you have some curious extra details about them (spoiler free):


  • To emulate an experience which would better translate what the characters were going through, the events in the bathroom were shot in chronological order.
  • Despite the low budget, the movie was a financial success. So much so that a sequel production was approved during the weekend the movie was released
  • The Jigsaw doll used in the movie was actually created by the director James Wan.


  • If you don’t count the credits, the movie has around 80 minutes. It is interesting that, this being a found footage movie, that is the usual length of a MiniDV tape.
  • Although there is no connection between them, a Dharma logo (from the Lost series) can be seen at the beginning of Cloverfield.
  • More than 100 people experienced dizziness and left the theater.

Time to vote

Vote in your favorite here! And remember, you can vote in any round 2 versus match until 10/21. By the way, Saw is winning.



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