The battle is on!

The new Movie Tournament is here – Fantasy from the 2010’s. The lineup was decided a bit differently. Instead of the usual random selection, our friends at the Quarentena Antes dos 40 podcast had to pick all the versus matches on their special episode (content in portuguese). The first one is Solo VS King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.


Solo (2018) is a well-known Star Wars spin-off. Although it is considered the first “Star Wars movie” to flop at the box office, due to its high production and marketing budgets, the critics consensus was a decent 7/10. Some people call it the worst to happen to the franchise, others say it’s clearly an underrated movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) is an alternative version of Arthur’s/Excalibur story. Not only flopped at the box office as well, overall critics didn’t recommend this one. But of course it has its fans. So much so that it’s currently winning against Solo in our tournament.

You have until august 9th to vote. Which one deserves to go to round 2?


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