Today we reach the end of the first round in our 2000’s Horror Movies Tournament. We will count any votes you make tomorrow, so check the previous versus matches. Let’s meet the participants:

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Obviously influenced by previous found footage movies, this is a story about a couple who notices strange noises in their new house. Convinced there is a supernatural presence, they decide to set some cameras to record what happens while they’re sleeping. But they weren’t prepared for it…

Both critics and audiences liked it. The movie got 7s and 8s out of 10 ratings. At the box office? What would you say if you earned almost 200 million dollars after spending less than 300k to make and promote the movie? Yeah, success. Oh, and extra points for the clever trailer.

The Descent (2005)

You know that feeling of “we were not supposed to be here”? Well, the protagonists of The Descent didn’t. After exploring a cave they start to hear and see things… And, of course, there is claustrophobia in the mix.

This movie also got critical acclaim. Reviews highlighted the conving all-female cast performances and the deft direction. With a 3.5 million pounds budget, the movie did well at the theaters, grossing more than 57 million dollars.

Time to vote

As we said previously, you can vote in every match of this round 1 until tomorrow. All the versus have a link to the previous one, both in our site and our Facebook. Have a favorite between this two we talked about? Vote here.



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