This is the last match of the A side of the 2000’s Horror Movies Tournament. Tomorrow we start B. Remember, you can still vote in previous versus. Yesterday we got Scream 3 and 1408. Now it’s time for an october suitable film, Trick ‘r Treat, and a zombie classic, Resident Evil.

Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

The movie shows you why you should never extinguish a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight. This anthology has four stories around breaking Halloween traditions. But the narratives aren’t disconnected. Well, we can’t reveal much more hehehe.

It got fairly positive reviews from critics but it wasn’t a financial success. In fact, it barely paid itself. Conversations about a promised sequel have been around but, until now, we didn’t get anything.

Resident Evil (2002)

Based on the universe of the popular Playstation video game, our protagonists have three hours to infiltrate “the hive”, where a virus killed everyone in the high tech laboratory. Of course, being a zombie movie, they aren’t alone.

Critics were generally unpleasant with the beginning of this know franchise. But at the box office it was another story. The “Resident Evil” brand was really popular and the studios tripled their money (budget of 33 million dollars).

Time to vote

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