Those who know me know I like to play games. Video games, board games, card games,… I have the curse of liking it all. Video game sessions after work are a current thing. Lately, I’ve been playing Valorant with two friends, and I’m enjoying way more than I thought I would. Still a noob, of course, but I thought it would be interesting to share some insights about it.

First person shooters aren’t my favorite things. Yes, I’ve played some classics as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Counter Strike,etc. I normally play them for the story modes. The ones with multiplayer only tend to bored me due to its repetitive gameplay. But, once in a while I make a couple of rounds in CS:GO.

Valorant is not a traditional FPS. Besides the weaponry you get abilities for each agent. Character abilities aren’t groundbreaking nor anything new for the FPS genre, but the way Riot implemented it in Valorant is pretty fresh. In the end, balance is everything. It is really rewarding when you can be impactful with every agent. Although some have a steeper learning curves than others.

Sage | Riot

I started with Sage, a supporting agent which uses ice to delay the opponents from reaching the sites. She also heals and revives teammates. Although I would say I prefer to defend the sites with her, I am now a bit more comfortable attacking as well. The wall of ice which I usually set in order to prevent opponents to move fast through the path I’m defending, it can be used to block enemy sight in order to make my team advance while attacking.

Killjoy’s turret | Riot

Then I changed to Killjoy. If you play Valorant for a while you can see a pattern already, right? Yes, I like a type of gameplay which gives me options to delay or incapacitate my opponents, especially while defending. This agent uses robots and gadgets. They can usually be set in a way that surprises your enemies. I love using the turret in an adjacent corner to where I’m hiding. Then, when it activates due to the opponent’s movement, I get out of my position and BANG!

The scifi and fantasy aspects of the game are a big plus for me wanting to play more but, there are two main things which is making me want to play this almost everyday for the last week or so.

The first is how the gameplay is dependent on information sharing and team cooperation. For instance, I can see when my turret or ice wall get destroyed. That gives me some information about the opponent position, or what strategy they may be trying to use. Sharing enemy sightings and movements in the voice chat is super important in order to let your team know if they should rush an attack in a certain site, or if the spike is about to be planted somewhere else.

Secondly, I really like the maps. I got introduced to this game by a friend, and he said some maps weren’t that good. The truth is that I’m enjoying all the designs. Yes, I prefer to play some over others, but not by much. Their layouts are deeply correlated with what the character’s abilities can do. They also punish you if you aren’t a team player. For which you would be yelled at.

I’ve only played this game for a week or so, and although I’m not bored at all, I wish there were other game modes. I know my interest will drop significantly if, after experimenting with all agents, the bomb scenario or deathmatch are still the only options. Maybe I’ll write something about possible additions in the next post about Valorant.

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