The other day we wrote something about the Clubs functionality on the Harry Potter mobile game – Hogwarts Mystery. Due to its recent and continuing updates, we think it is becoming a quite decent HP mobile game. But we promised to share some gaming ideas for the Wizarding World, so here we are.

What games we got

If, like us, you grew up playing Harry Potter video games, you know they weren’t great. Yes, we had fun and some were decent, but none was great. Maybe nostalgia plays a big part in making us think they’re good.

The majority follow Harry’s adventure through the seven years. There are variations of the same game of course. Especially regarding the first two or three. The PC, the Playstation 1, the Playstation 2 / Game Cube / Xbox, the Gameboy Color, etc, etc… but not many different takes on the idea behind them. Now that I think about it, that was quite expectable. I mean, people wanted to play as Harry, Hermione or Ron, and the devs didn’t have that much time between movie games to do other projects. But after the last movie there is no excuse!

Most of what we got are classic 3rd person action adventures. The Lego ones added a bit of puzzle solving. But still… you go around Hogwarts, learn spells, do some side quests, play quidditch, defeat some creatures or characters related to the plot of the movies/books, and that’s it. The GameBoy Color had some turned-based RPG goodness. That was fun. Goblet of Fire is a (kind of) isometric co-op. Order of the Phoenix gives you the biggest and best version of Hogwarts, but the game is a bit repetitive.  Don’t play the last ones! It’s like a shooting mess of a game. They also did Harry Potter Kinect, using a camera and motions controls… but, you guessed it, they are just mini games. And not the best.

Quidditch World Cup | EA – Warner Bros

An open-world Harry Potter game is supposedly being made but , for now, we can only wait and hope. Besides the bread and butter, and the mobile games, I can only remember the AR games and Quidditch World Cup. The first is more of a storytelling experience using augmented reality. The latter is a sports game. A good idea but also repetitive and with really bad AI. You could win 300 – 0 easily against the computer. Things were a bit more fun when playing with friends. And a second version of this is what we need!

Quidditch World Cup 2

So this is our first idea, a Quidditch World Cup sequel. Not original, we know…and maybe there are only 4 people more interested in it. But hear us out.

Premise (why we need )

To start things off, the first wasn’t very good. You choose a team to participate in the World Cup after winning a 4 match Hogwarts Tournament. Then, it becomes super repetitive and not challenging at all. Now, with more time and resources, there are multiple things the devs could make better, transforming it into the promised full experience. Additionally, this is a game which can appeal to non-potterheads as well, which is always a good thing for those investing the money. Now we have e-sports and online gaming… With the right strategy they would make it a hit.

The story (kinda)

Sports titles don’t ignore story modes anymore. They can be a learning tool for newcomers, or fresh content for those playing Fifa and NBA every year. Generally, they add value to the game. Although Quidditch World Cup didn’t have a story, I’d say the inclusion of famous characters in the beginning were a good move. Basically, you choose a Hogwarts team and have practice lessons about the different aspects of Quidditch: passing the Quaffle, tackling and shooting, catching the Snitch, how to handle the Bludger, special moves and combos. Then you compete for the house cup and, depending of which team you chose, the respective characters get tickets to watch the World Cup. A version of this can integrate the sequel in my opinion. It’s not a proper story, but I’m sure they can make something with it. What matter is its function as the tutorial or game practice.

Game modes

Hogwarts Cup – We already defined the Hogwarts Cup as the tutorial, but that counts as a game mode on its own. After all, you would be able to replay it without the practice lessons slowing you down. Instead of just one round, like it happens in the first game, you would have two matches against each team. To give teams a way of coming back from a loss.

World Cup – The first game has 9 national teams and you play 18 matches during the tournament. Now we need more teams! Even the book Quidditch Through the Ages mentions teams which aren’t in the first instalment. This mode would also work differently, because playing against the same teams all the time is boring. We need a group phase. After that it would work as a normal tournament, not a league, which is how it works on the first game.

Custom Cup – You should be able to create a custom cup for short game sessions.

Manager mode – Here you would manage a team. You could play any of the previous cups in this mode.

International Cup (Online mode) – This would be great right? Imagine creating your own Quidditch team and play in a rank system with players from all over the world. The Hogwarts and Custom cups would be available in online mode as well.

Details and mechanics

More skills and freedom – If you play the first one, you know the gameplay is also repetitive. Using the same moves to tackle, pass and shot the ball becomes boring really fast. New moves and abilities would become available as you get experience. Also, you are limited to the stadium. If you play as a chaser you will not want to go far from the hoops, I know, but it doesn’t hurt letting you move more and create unorthodox tactics. Besides, beaters and seekers need to move around. And make it vertical too! Brooms are meant to fly.

Stadiums and weather conditions – The stadiums in the first game looked alright, but the gameplay was always the same. How cool would it be to dodge different components of  each stadium? Weather conditions is a must as well. Rain or snow would influence in the ability of passing and shooting the quaffle, catching the snitch, all that stuff… Ah! The final game of the world cup needs to be in that stadium from the forth movie/book!

Injuries and substitutions – All protective gear should take damage, and players need to be human and get an occasional injure. I mean, if you take a bludger to the face you probably need to stop for a bit no?

Player attributes – The game doesn’t need to make a team drastically better than the other, but players and teams need to have attributes. A player from England could be faster under the rain for example. Or different chasers could have different abilities when passing or shooting the quaffle. I’m sure you know what I mean. This would also be cool to add depth to the manager mode. Brooms and equipment could also boost different attributes.

Co-op and single player – It would be super cool, but probably a bit difficult to execute, to let two players use the same team. Also, it would be nice to play with a single character (our own).

And that’s it. No need to say these are just the bare bones of the game. Also, it can’t be as easy as the first one. I need to lose matches, even if I get a snitch. Tell us what you think and help us improve this idea by leaving a comment with your suggestions. See you beautiful people in the next Wizarding World gaming ideas. Follow us for more Harry Potter related content:



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